A dozen days

     The album is out in 12 days. It's starting to pop up all over the web. Amazon, Spotify, this site, the previews are there. Soon the music will be too. The 21st and 22nd is the weekend release party. In both Northern and Southern Massachusetts, we will be playing the album and drinking some microbrews to celebrate. Massachusetts is were it all started and developed so it only felt right.

     Lowell Massachusetts gets the first release party. Right around the corner from the first show Rob Loesher ever performed/headlined, Downtown historic Lowell is the only appropriate choice. With its history of a booming industrial city, a large population, and a go to spot for music lovers, we are going to groove all day and night. So join us at the Blue Shamrock. Its going to be fun.

     Plymouth MA is were it started and currently resides. While the shows may have started in Lowell, the music started in Plymouth. So we are going to continue the party on the 22nd at the Plymouth Waterfront. Home of The Plymouth Rock, The Mayflower and many other historic landmarks, Plymouth MA is a great place to be. The release is at Luscioso's Pub, a walk away from the water and the mentioned landmarks. But the party is outside at Luscioso's, the beer is cold and Microbrew will be playing, so you'll likely want to stay at Luscioso's.

     Check back to buy the album in 12 days. And as always, keep grooving.

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