The History

     Rob Loesher is from Plymouth County Massachusetts. The music has been described as a groovy, catching and unique blend of songs. Currently celebrating the release of the first album, Rob Loesher is excited to provide everyone with the sounds he has been envisioning for years.

     Starting with a dollar deal guitar, no tuner, and no lessons, Rob Loesher has never given up. Through his years of personal and professional relationships, he has built both a following of loyal fans, and partnerships with loyal friends/musicians. Always trying to incorporate a funkier groovier sound to today's popular genres, Rob Loesher has added a special flair to add a new taste.

     With his first record release, and multiple music projects, Rob Loesher is staying busy doing what he loves. Today, he invites you to purchase the album, and enjoy it. Share it with your friends, play it at parties, dance to it and most importantly, get your groove on.