How It All Started

Over the years, Rob attended multiple open mic nights throughout New England, but it wasn’t until he moved to Northern MA that he started playing professionally. A dear friend and fellow musician had shows in and around the city. Rob was invited to play during his breaks. Over the next 6 months, Rob had accrued just as many patrons attending the shows to see him as the main act did. This led to the owner offering him his own show. This grew to the point where Rob was playing at every venue his friend was, while actively branching out to more venues. 

The Beginning

Rob Loesher started playing guitar to impress a family member. At a young age, the only real hobby he had was hackysack. After being criticized for this, and suggested to learn guitar, he picked up the cheapest guitar he could find, and a video guide to learn. Without a tuner, and no ear for tone, he sat and played along with the video over and over, never once in tune, and always sounding awful. Months later, at a friend’s house, he was coerced to play another guitar. Finally playing a tuned guitar, it sounded like he could play the guitar. This moment combined with his insurmountable stubbornness, was the start of his musical career.

The Cumulative Result

After countless attempts over the years to find reliable and like-minded musicians to form a band with, Rob decided it was time to do it all himself. It started with the purchase of a new computer, and a DAW package that included an entry level interface and headphones. Years of failed attempts with this added to the knowledge of what not to do. Another new computer later, and an unexpected influx of free time from a global pandemic, Rob signed up for virtual drum lessons. Armed with a desire to escape into something new, a plethora of guitars, a bass, microphones and a drum set, it was time to start his own album. Inspired by incessant heartbreaks and hardships, and fueled by the desire to prosper again, he set out to record his own album.

The Full Time Run

After another move, Rob decided that he was better off playing as a duo for the time being. After auditioning to play lead guitar and backup vocals for Wicked Undertow, Rob started a multiyear endeavor of helping build Wicked Undertow (an acoustic cover duo) throughout MA, and RI. The years spend full time in this duo have greatly shaped Rob’s lead guitar ability and ear for music. While not actively working with Wicked Undertow, they can still be found playing shows together on special (and sometimes sporadic) occasions.