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     2017 was a killer year for me! The success Wicked Undertow saw ( and is still experiencing!) was way above my expectations! Unfortunately, due to that success, my solo career was put on hold. I saw the path my music career was going, and the direction it could be heading in late July 2017. I spent the rest of the year setting myself up to pursue everything music related. It has been 8 days into the year and I have performed 2 solo shows and booked another 2. It's a slow start, but it is working with Wicked Undertow bookings. So get ready, its a relentless year, were I will be pursuing this relentlessly! Keep grooving! 

Wicked Undertow 

     Musical projects keep people sharp. They challenge each other to learn something new, something counter intuitive, something groovy. I have been performing in an acoustic Duo called Wicked Undertow, and it has done just that. Playing lead guitar and secondary vocals, it has become a highly rated act. Playing shows all over MA and RI, we have a following, we are committed, and we also play some Rob Loesher songs. So I invite you all to attend. Come see the magic, the wonder and the thrill before its gone! We will supply the grooves, and all you need to do is dance.


Breaking the Silence 

     Its been too long since an update. And a lot has happened. But the new blog comes with great news. 

     I write songs about things that influence me. I use influences from my friends and family as well, but mostly the songs are created from experiences and influences. I have never found the need to write a sad song before. However, considering I am not immune to life, the time has come. So the studio time is booked. The photo shoot for the single is in the works already. It will be an acoustic single release. Stay tuned for some updates. And keep grooving.

Taylor's Father 

    The release party weekend is now behind us. Thank you everyone that came out to show your support! The album is out, and the grooves are playing all around. There are plans to move forward, but those secrets aren't ready to be told. 

     So tell all your friends about the album. Tell us your favorite track, and watch out for the newly added shows that are in the works! Here is a quick preview of the release party! The Taylor used to record the album was purchased by Billy ( shown in the picture).


Officially Released! 

     Microbrew is officially released. Take a sip, and buy a case for your friends. The entire process was a thrill ride, that we can't wait to do again. Never to sacrifice quality for quantity, there will be another album. But today is about the current release. The original, the debut, the first glance. We can't stop changing our favorite track. No track was skipped in the process, and each was our favorite at some point. Turning Point Studio has helped give this brew it's flavor and we couldn't be happier about those flavor that were added or modified. A top class production/recording studio. The only thing left to do is celebrate.

Bottoms up! Grooves on 11.

My New Favorite Brew 

    The first order of my new favorite brew just arrived! This variety pack has no bad flavors. It just needs to settle in for another day and a half. Its almost take to pop the top and enjoy!

A dozen days 

     The album is out in 12 days. It's starting to pop up all over the web. Amazon, Spotify, this site, the previews are there. Soon the music will be too. The 21st and 22nd is the weekend release party. In both Northern and Southern Massachusetts, we will be playing the album and drinking some microbrews to celebrate. Massachusetts is were it all started and developed so it only felt right.

     Lowell Massachusetts gets the first release party. Right around the corner from the first show Rob Loesher ever performed/headlined, Downtown historic Lowell is the only appropriate choice. With its history of a booming industrial city, a large population, and a go to spot for music lovers, we are going to groove all day and night. So join us at the Blue Shamrock. Its going to be fun.

     Plymouth MA is were it started and currently resides. While the shows may have started in Lowell, the music started in Plymouth. So we are going to continue the party on the 22nd at the Plymouth Waterfront. Home of The Plymouth Rock, The Mayflower and many other historic landmarks, Plymouth MA is a great place to be. The release is at Luscioso's Pub, a walk away from the water and the mentioned landmarks. But the party is outside at Luscioso's, the beer is cold and Microbrew will be playing, so you'll likely want to stay at Luscioso's.

     Check back to buy the album in 12 days. And as always, keep grooving.

Adding a little bit of taste! 

     The album and CD artwork are submitted! Thanks to the artistic eye at Rhiannon White Designs, its quite the eye pleaser.  Fairly soon, the cd will be available, and it will be aesthetically pleasing as well! With the photos taken by JC Photography (see earlier post), its a collaborative effort, from a group of talented professionals. 

      So stay tuned. The release date will be announced this week. The art work will be visible on our social media profiles soon, and the grooves, will stay groovy. 

Rhiannon White Designs 




We're only doing this once, and we're gonna do it right! 

     We are a few weeks away from our 3 week release date! Levels need to be touched up, then it's off to be mastered! It took longer than expected, it went over budget, and it went over the new budget, but we are happy with the final outcome. With a few guest appearances on the album to give it a stronger character, I'm sure you will all be happy with it as well! The 11 song album will be available for purchase, to be shipped, or as a digital download on robloesher.com and will also be available as a digital download on itunes, amazon music, or whatever service you prefer. An added bonus, it will also be available on spotify! So be sure to check back for the release and let your friends hear the grooves! The clock is ticking as we wait..............